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2022 IFCA Congress

Compliance in an era of Complexity

The nexus of increasingly sophisticated business models, markets and products, combined with global reach and technological impact means that assisting your organisation with meeting its obligations and stakeholder expectations is an increasing challenge.

The skill set of compliance professionals world wide has had to expand to encompass understanding these new innovations as well as creating new ways of supporting compliance objectives and engaging first line staff and the business to be able to achieve their strategic objectives whilst also meeting the expectations for conduct from regulators, government and customers.

What is underappreciated by many is that this means that those working in compliance are amongst some of the most dynamic, innovative and continually learning professionals.

The design of the IFCA Congress is to specifically address these challenges and anticipate those that are emerging including changing approaches to regulation, business, technology and the compliance management systems to support the execution of strategy.

What can you expect this year:

  • 3 days of learning and engagement
  • 14 global member associations participating
  • Across 5 continents
  • Leading compliance speakers
  • Panel sessions and interviews with global thought leaders
  • 30 days of IFCA's Congress Demand Channel where all sessions can be watched again!

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